Learning about the nutritional value of weeds

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17 November 2021

Nikki Brighton, a blogger and an advocate for healthy eating, held a workshop regarding the nutritional value of so-called weeds at Jackal’s Hill Fromagerie. Read about her recent trip to the Eastern Free State on her blog.

Her recipe book, Mnandi,  celebrates the cooks and gardeners of Mpophomeni township in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands, South Africa. In Mpophomeni food is grown from the heart, meals are meant to be shared and stories are told with pride. In this book of fresh garden food, the people with their hands in the soil and their creative customers share their delight in seasonal produce. Mnandi will inspire you each season to take part in the process of growing and preparing food that is good for you and good for the planet too.
Mnandi includes an informative feature on imifino – edible weeds or marogo – which will help you identify common edibles in your garden or neighbourhood.
Proceeds of sales support small-scale farmers, the local Slow Food community and facilitate educational experiences for the Mpophomeni community.
Books cost R200 each. Postage via Postnet or PAXI R100. Order: mnandi@cowfriend.co.za

Mnandi has been compiled by Midlands based Nikki Brighton – writer, activist, foodie and ardent supporter of Mpophomeni Conservation Group.

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