Jackal's Hill Fromage


Dairy Products

Raw Farm Butter 

Handmade the way grandma used to make it, with no added preservative.

Available Salted or Unsalted in 500g blocks.

Plain Yoghurt

Set yoghurt made with full cream, non-homogenized milk. No added sugar or preservative.

Available in 1L or 5L buckets.

Soft Cheeses

Cottage Cheese

Smooth cottage cheese made from our skimmed milk.

It has a good clean taste and is slightly salted.

No added preservative.

Available in 500g, 1kg and 5kg.


Plain Ricotta

A crumbly cheese made from our skimmed milk.

No salt or preservative added.

Freezes well.

Available in 250g or 1kg.

Feta in Oil

Our award-winning feta marinated in an olive oil blend with herbs, garlic and a touch of chilli.

Available in +/- 130g glass jar.

Cream Cheese

Smooth, rich and creamy made with full cream milk.

Slightly salted.

No added preservative.

Available in 500g, 1kg and 5kg.

Petite Ricotta

Made from our full cream milk, it has a rich and silky feel.

Salted, creamy and rich.

Available in small size and a larger size for functions (on order).


Has a typical halloumi flavour and texture, with the right amount of saltiness.

Available in small tubs (250g to 350g) or in 2.5Kg.


Extra rich and creamy soft cheese, very slightly salted.

No added preservative.

Available in 250g or 1kg.


Made from our full cream milk, it is compact yet creamy with a good feta taste.

Available in 250g or 2.5Kg.

Bûche Aux Herbes

A soft and creamy cheese rolled in herbs and garlic.

Available in 100g rolls.

The French Style Range


A white mould cheese, similar to Camembert. Named after the Caledon River which forms the border between South Africa & Lesotho.

It is a creamy cheese that will “run” and become stronger with age.

Available in +/- 250g rounds.



This is a white mould cheese, similar to a Brie. It is milder than the Caledon with a slight mushroom taste. Named after Valerie’s late grandmother.

Available in +/- 1.7Kg rounds or in wedges.


A small white mould cheese with a layer of smoked Paprika in the middle, hence the name Rouge (meaning red in French).  

Available in +/- 130g rounds.


Nowadays, most cheeses are made adding starter cultures to the milk. Terroir is not. It is made in the traditional way, relying only on the good bacteria, yeasts and moulds naturally present in the milk.

Terroir is an Alpine-style cheese, similar to a Tomme.

Available in +/- 1.8kg rounds or in wedges.

Drunk Bishop

This cheese started as a “flop”. But when Valerie tasted it, it reminded her of the French Pont l’Eveque cheese. Eveque means bishop in French, hence the name.

It is a washed rind, which gives it its orange colour. The rind is washed regularly with Clarens Brewery’s IPA beer. And this is how the Bishop got drunk! It has a strong smell and a generous flavour with a hint of fruitiness.

Available in +/- 350g squares.


Jams & Preserves

All our preserves are handmade on the farm in the old traditional way.

  • Apricot Jam
  • Peach Jam
  • Cherry Jam (seasonal)
  • Chilli & Tomato Jam


Salty Caramel Brittle

Handmade using our Farm butter as well as nuts and/or seeds. It is addictive!



Free-range hormone-free pork

Our pigs live in large outdoor enclosures and are fed the whey and scraps from the cheese making.

Pork Terrine

French-style pate made from our free-range pork.