Jackal's Hill Fromage



Bloem Skou


Another lovely prize evening that was hosted before the show started. We were delighted to be awarded first place for our Caledon, Caledon Cendré, Halloumi and Cottage cheese with chives.

Our Plain Ricotta, Bûche Chilli and Double Thick Cream got second place, while our Bûche aux Herbes got a third place.

Another successful year with 8 places out of 14 entries!

Bloem Skou


On 3 May I drove to Bloemfontein for the Bloem Show Dairy Competition prize giving. It was the first time I attended, and really enjoyed the evening. And we also did well, which is so rewarding for the whole Jackal’s Hill team!

We got first place for 4 of our products – Unsalted Butter, Petite Ricotta, Cottage Cheese with Chives and Double Thick Cream. What a great surprise and reward to beat all the big companies who also enter!

The Caledon and Plain Ricotta got a second place and the Buche aux Herbes and Cream Cheese were awarded a third place. All in all a great success with 8 places out of 12 entries!

Bloem Skou


Jackal’s Hill Fromage received numerous awards at the Dairy Competition in 2020. Our Plain Feta Cheese and Petite Ricotta got first place with special mention to the high quality of the products.

Caledon, Rouge, Bûche aux Herbes and Plain Ricotta got second place. Feta in Oil and Cottage Cheese both received third place.