About Skincare

Hand-made with care, in small batches, on our farm. 

Our range of Skincare products is made of 100% Natural Ingredients, chosen for their unique properties.

No artificial fragrances, no preservatives and cruelty free

Makeup Remover
Face Mists
Milk Bath

Our range comprises


Massage 5 to 6 drops on a clean face at night, and follow by night cream. Can also be used as a moisturizer during the day without adding any day cream.

Normal Skin

A combination of natural oils including Jojoba gives this serum a lighter texture. With a blend of essential oils for soothing and radiant skin, this is the perfect everyday serum.

Dry Skin

A base of Mac Nut Oil and Avocado oil, both full of fatty acids and hydrating properties as well other natural oils for extra moisturizing, to which we have added a blend of essential oils for and extra hydration.


Mac Nut Oil, Almond Oil and Avocado Oil all know for their anti-ageing properties make the base of this serum. Rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, these oils are ideal for mature and sun-damaged skin. Rosehip Oil adds vitamin C to help fight free radicals, with a blend of essential oils for rejuvenation, to improve circulation and extra hydration.

Makeup Remover

For Dry & Sensitive Skin. Also removes waterproof makeup.

A blend of Mac Nut Oil (known for being chemically very similar to human sebum) and Almond Oil, together with Essential oils and Vitamin E. Apply 10 to 15 drops onto the skin, including the eyes (to remove eye makeup). Massage well and remove with a damp sponge or cotton wool. Follow by a Face Mist and a Night Serum.

Milk Bath

A detoxifying and moisturizing bath soak, to help exfoliate dead cells which will enhance the absorption of the Magnesium and Minerals from the salts. A blend of Essential oils will help you relax and enjoy our Milk Bath. Pour 2 measures under running hot water and soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

Face Mist

Spray on a clean face, morning and evening, before applying moisturizer


For Normal and Dry Skin or Sunburnt Skin. Made with Rose and Lavender water, both known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.


A blend of Hamamelis and Orange Blossom Waters. Hamamelis, also known as Witch Hazel, helps heal damaged skin and works well against age spots and blemishes. Orange Blossom Water, with its amazing smell, reduces wrinkles, moisturizes and is also known for good soothing properties.

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